Tendai Humphrey Sitima


20s - Vibrant, engaging and confident |

Tendai is cool as a cucumber, and radiates warmth and confidence.  As well as being a highly versatile voice actor, Tendai is also a talented composer with a fully kitted out home studio. 

Originally from Zimbabwe and now based in London, his native accent is RP and he has a strong ear for most African and American accents.

'My Petsaurus'

SKU: Tendai TAGS: Accent - RP, Accent - US, Language - English, Animation, Bright, Charming, Comedic, confident, Deep, Dramatic, Expressive, Engaging, Friendly, Husky, Intelligent, Masculine, Mellow, Natural, Playful, Resonant, Smooth, Strong, Trustworthy, Urban, Versatile

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