Kev McCurdy


50s - Earthy, energetic and assured |

Internationally renowned as a fight director, Kev is a regular collaborator with the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Young Vic, Kiln Theatre, the Old Vic as well as working on an extensive array of West End productions, No1 tours and ground-breaking regional productions.  On screen, he's worked on Eastenders, The A List, Hetty Feather, Hollyoaks, Pobol Y Cwm, Keeping Faith and Hidden as well as feature films John Carter of Mars, Lady of Heaven and Season of the Witch.

Kev trained first and foremost as an actor at RWCMD, his acting work on screen includes ground-breaking BBC drama THE TRICK, KEEPING FAITH, EASTENDERS, CANARIES, STELLA and HOLLYOAKS.


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