Atlas Azure


20s - Intelligent, expressive and warm |

Atlas is a multi-talented actor, writer, musician and poet.  He’s a natural, instinctive performer with intelligence and charm.

His film credits include MOGUL MOWGLI opposite Riz Ahmed, CRAZY FUN IN SERBIA, A BANQUET, IP MAN 4, MAHI NRI and the upcoming ONCE UPON A RIOT.

Atlas is based in London.

SKU: Atlas TAGS: 20s, Masculine, Accent - London, Accent - Jamaican, Accent - Birmingham, Accent - RP, Accent - African (Nigerian), Clear, Confident, Charming, Deep, Dramatic, Expressive, Earthy, Engaging, Friendly, Home Recording, Intelligent, Language - English, Mellow, Natural, Narration, Resonant, Strong, Smooth, Sincere, Sexy, Trustworthy, Urban, Versatile

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