Kate Morgan-Jones for Shelter Cymru

Joseph Tweedale, John Cording, Laura Dalgleish, Kezrena James
for Blind Terror

Eiry Thomas &
Sion Pritchard for Sion Y Chef

Caitlin Richards for Welsh Government

Gwawr Loader for BBC3

Ashleigh Haddad for The Division

Joseph Tweedale narrated the programme for the BBC

Alexandria Riley for Torchwood

Lisa Jên Brown for Llais y Lli

Jonny Glynn for
Assassin's Creed Origins

Joanna van Kampen and
Gareth Pierce for The Archers

Big Finish Audio Dramas

Lisa Jên Brown for Marie Curie

Simon Armstrong, Aled Bidder, Annes Elwy, Ashleigh Haddad, Roanna Lewis, Kate Morgan-Jones, Gareth Pierce for Class

Aaron Anthony, Laura Dalgleish, Jonny Glynn, Jessica Hayles, Joanna Van Kampen for Captain Jack Volume Three


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